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We’re here to help you save money and achieve your financial goals.

We serve individuals, families, non-profits and businesses of all sizes.

Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation

We’ve helped countless clients achieve the highest possible level of tax efficiency. They’re often amazed to learn how much money we can save them. We’re confident you’ll be amazed, too! Schedule your free consultation today.


Whether you own a small business, run a large corporation or operate a non-profit, it’s wise to have an experienced, knowledgeable bookkeeping team on your side. Palm Desert Tax will be your finance department, providing you with the tools and expert analysis you need to make intelligent financial decisions.
Achieve Your Financial Goals

Achieve Your Financial Goals

Please ask us and we will be happy to explain how our services can help you and your business grow and succeed.


300 of our clients have been with us over 10 years,
100 of our clients have been with us over 20 years,
and some of our clients have been with us over 30 years.

What People Are Saying

“My wife and I have been with Palm Desert Tax for twelve years. I have been so impressed with their service that I recently convinced my in-laws to take their business to them as well. Jennifer Gomez is so knowledgeable. She is terrific.”

- James Christianson

“Can’t thank Richard Varnell enough. His staff is unbelievable and their work ethics are outstanding.”

- Bruce Barrett

“I have found that Palm Desert Tax, specifically Norma Rae Hill, to be most helpful in answering my tax related questions. I have no reservations in recommending them to anyone.”

- Dr. Albert Weissman


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Palm Desert Tax is a full-service bookkeeping firm, offering a full suite of financial solutions. Located in La Quinta, CA, we proudly serve individuals, families, and businesses throughout the U.S.A.

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